The Good Blume | Multi-Flavor 250mg Delta-8 THC Gummies


The pandemic can be a stressful time and sometimes you just want to kick back, grab some munchies, and watch a funny movie. Introducing The Good Blume’s Delta-8 THC hemp extract gummies! We recommend microdosing. Start with 1/4 of a gummy and increase as needed.

  • 25mg of naturally occurring Hemp derived Delta-8 THC per piece
  • 10 pieces
  • Only 2g sugar per serving!
  • New Multi-Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Lime, Strawberry, Mango

Age Restriction: 21+ Only

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Hemp derived Delta-8 THC is the latest natural remedy to relieve anxiety, feel happy and get a good nights rest.


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